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Firefox for secure Surfing

Mozilla Firefox provide out of the box secure browsing and easy to adjust the setting.  After you download, install Mozilla Firefox, you're ready to surf the Internet. If you want to check your current privacy and security setting. Click on Tools, Options . Click the Privacy tab. I prefer to use " Never remember history ". You can select other options e.g. Remember History or Use custom settings for History. This setting is highly recommended to minimize risk against malicious and infected websites. Click the Security tab. I put check on " Warn me when the sites try to install add-ons ", " Block reported attack site ", and " Block reported web forgeries ".  For the Passwords, leave un-check "Remember password for sites" and "Use a master password". You're done with your settings. You minimize your risk exposures to offending websites. Please use the site search form to look for Google Chrome and Windows IE reco