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I received some emails regarding the Rapid Mass Traffic by Mo Latif where he will teach you on how to bring more traffic to your website. Well, web traffic convert revenue for you. My first impression, this is another pay per view (PPV) type of internet marketing where you advertise your products or services at low fee. I am not that familiar using the pay per view internet marketing so I guess I will buy this howto guide and share my review to you.

I hope to bring few hundred thousand a month in my bank account. :)

Yes I will spend my hard earned hundred dollars to try this out. We will see the results in the next couple of months. Wish me luck.

Paid using my paypal account, got the download link.
The first page Mo Latif provided another crazy offer for me to consider. Of course, I declined the offer and proceed.

Wow ... 2nd crazy offer before I get the Rapid Mass Traffic download page. Skipped and finally the download page. I will update later.

Watch the introduction video of Mo Latif ... done.
There is another offer for Secret CPA Profits Manual, enter your email address to receive the manual. To test it, I did enter my email address. The manual will be deliver to my email address and prompted with another promotion. And a lot of pop-ups. I highly recommend that you have a anti-virus software installed and use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for Internet browser.

Downloading Rapid Mass Traffic Core Manual Part1... done
Downloading Rapid Mass Traffic Core Manual Part2... done
Downloading Rapid Mass Traffic Core Manual Part3... done
Downloading Rapid Mass Traffic Core Manual Part4... done
Downloading Profiting Without a Website Mindmap ... done
Downloading Profiting Without a Website Blueprint ... done
Downloading Campaign Domination Mindmap ... done
Downloading Campaign Domination Blueprint ... done
Downloading Mass Leverage Manual ... done
Downloading Mass Leverage Mindmap ... done
Downloading Mass Leverage Blueprint ... done

Videos are not downloadable, so I have to watch all of them online.
Video 1 - Internet & Affiliate Marketing
Video 2 - Different Types of Networks
Video 3 - Research Thought Process
Video 4 - Research Offer Landing Page
Video 5 - Research Reading Websites
Video 6 - Research Clusty
Video 7 - Commercial Intent
Video 8 - Campaign and Landing Page Set Up
Video 9 - Add Keywords
Video 10 - Campaign Settings
Video 11 - Landing Page Settings
Video 12 - Managing Keywords
Video 13 - Conversion Tracking
Video 14 - Reports Conversion Tracking
Video 15 - Reports Others
Video 16 - Account Funding

Quickstart Services
Quickstart Video 2
Quickstart Video 3
Quickstart Video 4

Generating a MASSIVE keyword list
Video 1 Part 1
Video 1 Part 2
Video 1 Part 3
Video 1 Part 4

Campaign Management Autopilot - Initial Setup
Video 2

Campaign Management Autopilot - Nuts and Bolts
Video 3

Campaign Management Autopilot - Finishing Touches
Video 4

Piggybacking Offers for Even More Profit - How it works
Video 5

Piggybacking Offers for Even More Profit - Tactics
Video 6 Part 1
Video 6 Part 2

Advanced Conversion Tactics - Affiliate Network Interface and Lingo
Video 7

Advanced Conversion Tactics - Specific Tactics
Video 8 Part 1
Video 8 Part 2
Video 8 Part 3
Video 8 Part 4

Unannounced BONUS Videos
Bonus Video 1 - Spy Video Bonus - coming soon ... (not available as of April 8, 2010)
Bonus Video 2
Landing Page Tempate (bonus)

That's all included in the package that I bought. Now reading the materials and apply the concept. Stay tune for next update or join the forum.

The $97 package includes 12 PDF ebook and 16 Video tutorials. Where do I start? I prefer to use the video so I watched them all. The run time is approximately 3-6 minutes per video. 

Here's my feedback. As anold time Internet user and entrepreneur, the video provides basic information where you can find with other affiliate marketing e-books, and you will not spend $97. If you're new in online marketing, the videos provide informative guidelines for you to start. I'm sure you will know the different between Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. When you order Rapid Mass Traffic own copy, just ignore other offer and pop-up to complete the order.

I will spend some time reading the e-books before I can make another update. Check back again.

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