Sony Vaio crash blue screen of death

I know you hate to see the blue screen of death (or "blue screen of doom") but all of sudden it's happening to your laptop. This is a typical issue when you installed new software or hardware, and not successful due to conflict. Another possibility is that you updated your laptop (or workstation) using the Windows Update to apply security patches. Well you need to run this Windows Update regularly to patch any vulnerabilities in your Windows operating system.

Going back to the subject. When you switch on the wireless for your Sony Vaio it prompt you the "blue screen of death" right away, and keep on doing it. The temporary approach is to switch off the wireless again. Of course, you need to solve this issue for you to use your wireless connectivity.

To solve this issue, you need to check your current wireless driver version. For this example, I'm using Sony Vaio VGN-S170P Model PCG-6C1L. As of this writing, the version installed on the laptop is Here's how to check the version of your wireless driver.

  • Click on Start, right click on My Computer, then Properties
  • In System Properties, click Hardware tab
  • Click Device Manager
  • In Device Manager, scroll down and click the Network Adapters
  • Select the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection, right click Properties.
  • In Properties, click Driver tab, here you will the Driver Version:
The next version you need to install is version You need to download the latest driver from Sony website. Go to the Service & Support link, Driver and Software. Here's the link:

Once you complete the download, run this to your laptop. You need to transfer using a USB drive or other form transfer method e.g. email.

After the installation, restart your laptop, test switching on and off your wireless. It's done. 

Don't hesitate to let me know if this procedure help you. 

Reminder: I've tested this with Sony Vaio VGN-S170P Model PCG-6C1 with blue screen of death when switching on the wireless.

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