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Double Dip Recession is coming?

I read some articles today regarding double dip recession, very scary and I hope we don't go there. An excerpt from Yahoo Finance News "the Federal Reserve underscored misgivings about the recovery, saying employment is showing only gradual improvement, the housing market is languishing and consumer spending is increasing only modestly". It doesn't make any sense to "increase the income tax rate from 35% to 39.6%, the dividend tax from 15% to a whopping 49.6%, capital gains tax from 15% to 2-%, and a death tax on estates from 0% to 55%" (2010, Frum Forum) while in recovery stage. If we keep more money from our income, we are more likely happy to spend it. If the government takes it - we can't spend it. And if we don't spend, we are holding back the growth of the economy.

iPad Customers Security Breach

It is always sold out when I tried to buy an iPad, that's the demand of this new gadget from Apple. Will I stop buying the iPad despite of recent security breach from AT&T Network? I don't think so but I will be concern to know on how AT&T will improve their security approach protecting of customer's personal information. Excerpt from "A security breach has resulted in 114,000 Apple iPad users -- including high-ranking government employees, CEOs and media personalities -- having their data exposed, Gawker Media’s Valleywag blog reported Wednesday. A group called Goatse Security -- in reference to a old internet sicko photo -- managed to exploit weaknesses in the AT&T network to obtain data from thousands of iPad users including New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson, ABC’s Diane Sawyer, film mogul Harvey Weinstein, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and others, according to Valleywag." I would l

Google search page just like Bing?

I noticed today Google search page is now displaying an image similar to Bing search page. Though when you check the search result, it goes back to the old form of google search results using the blue URL link and black for text. For the past years, Google are showing variety of Google Logo Designs from basic, kids, playful, sports, holidays and other designs related to a special day but not the main page image design. Today, you have the option to change the background image by clicking the link located at the lower left-hand corner of the search page. Bing search background (excellent photos) from Microsoft started this cool image when they re-branded their search product e.g. Bing search and decide. It would be nice to know your thought about it? Post your comment.

Blackberry service is down again?

If you're having problem with your Blackberry email, well you're not the only one. It seems that Blackberry service is having problem again with their networks (service). As of this time, some Verizon costumers are having issue receiving their emails since last week. I have to call Verizon in behalf of my officemate having issues receiving email through his blackberry (crackberry) device. I thought this is another Blackberry resending old messages issue. The Verizon Technical Support tried to send a new Service Book but failed. He told me that Blackberry service is having an intermittent issue for the last few days, not all but some customers in their network. I confirmed this with another Blackberry users through Sprint Network. Updated as of yesterday May 31, 2010 1:35pm ET by RIM, service is still intermittent.