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Exchange in 2010 - What to Expect & What to Protect?

Exchange in 2010 - What to Expect & What to Protect? Your server ecosystem refers to anything that works with your primary data system. For Exchange Server, that includes SharePoint, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, third-party security programs, SMTP gateways -- in other words, all the applications you can't afford to leave unprotected. View this free on-demand webcast now for the tools and technology you can use to effectively protect your Exchange ecosystem -- and banish your security issues for good.

Free 60-Page Guide to HyperV High Availability

To reduce the possibility of organizations losing critical virtualized machines, it really is becoming imperative to implement High Availability. This High Availability Solutions Guide for Microsoft Hyper-V introduces different options to implement HA for Hyper-V environments, and provides recommendations and best practices for configuring your Hyper-V HA environments. With over sixty pages of information, implementation options, and configuration strategies, you can't afford to be without it! Free 60-Page Guide to HyperV High Availability

Internet Marks 40th Anniversary

October 29, 1969 was the day two computers connected for the first time. "A computer expert said Thursday marks the 40th birthday of the Internet heralded by two computers at California schools connecting for the first time. Leonard Kleinrock told CNN he was a professor of computer science at the University of California-Los Angeles on Oct. 29, 1969, when the school's host computer was connected to a counterpart at Stanford University's Stanford Research Institute." (2009, )

Let your users reset their own password.

I would like to share this guide from Scriptlogic to all hardworking system administrator or network administrator out there. The biggest source of help desk calls and the biggest waste of staff time is calls from users requesting passwords resets. Eliminate those time-wasters with this download. Desktop Authority Password Self-Service provides an easy to use, robust system for allowing users to reset their own forgotten passwords or locked account. Try it for yourself, download it here ! More network tidbit from website!

Overcoming Five Real-World Challenges

Success with server virtualization is leading many firms to explore the next frontier--virtualizing employee desktops.  Read about desktop virtualization challenges, cost savings, and expert reviews in these papers:   VDI Comparison Kit   Cost Savings with Centralized Virtual Desktops   Desktop Virtualization: Overcoming Five Real-World Challenges

Acer | Space-saving All-in-one Desktop

The space-saving Veriton Z280G-EA271CP combines an 18.5-inch wide-screen LCD and ultracompact desktop into one unit that easily fits on a counter or crowded desk. Power is provided by an energy-saving Intel Atom Processor, which is designed to cut costs without compromising performance. The fanless design means the unit operates quietly for a more comfortable working environment. The multi-in-one card reader and optical drive are conveniently located on the sides of the unit, while ports are easily accessible along the bottom and side.

5 Reasons to Ditch User IDs & Passwords

I've got this news from IT Security Bulleting: This week's issue: 1. Scan & Clean Hidden Files & MBR Rootkits: Free Tool 2. 5 Reasons to Ditch User IDs & Passwords: Guide to Securing Your Extranet 3. How to Solve Your 3 Biggest Security Pain Points: A Real-World Guide 4. The Real Causes of Email Outages: A Guide to Help You Avert Crisis 5. Quest Connect 2009: The Free, Virtual Event

Money Motivates!

I am reading an article about Motivation Concepts, behavior scientist tend to downplay money as motivator. I want to share this statement "Money is important to employees because it's a medium of exchange. People may not work only for money, but take the money away and how many people would come to work? " (2009,   Organizational Behavior ) Here's the book link from Organizational Behavior (13th Edition)

Compare Windows 7 Home and Professional Edition.

I know you want Windows 7 but still hesitant to upgrade. Let me share you what I found from  website. Top 10 reasons to move from Windows XP to Windows 7 Get quicker access to all of your stuff. Use Pin and Jump Lists to keep the programs and files you use the most right at your fingertips. Manager open windows easier. Resize and arrange windows simply by dragging their borders to the edge of your screen. Quickly find what you're looking for. Use Windows search to find a specific file, program, or email in a few seconds.


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