HOWTO Backup Mailbox from Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Microsoft Outlook 2010This is another HOWTO procedure to backup a mailbox from Exchange Server 2007 SP1.
    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices (Best Practices (Microsoft))
  1. Open the Exchange Management Console (EMC)
  2. Go to Recipient Configuration, click the Mailbox
  3. In Mailbox, select the mailbox you want to manage (example: Jane Queen), then click Manage Full Access Permission.
  4. In Manage Full Access Permission, click Add, select a username (example: Bob King) you want to manage this mailbox. In Exchange Server 2007, by default only the exchange administrator and "SELF" have access to manage the mailbox. So you need to add the server administrator or a specific user (Bob King). After selecting a user, click Manage to continue. In Summary, you should see 1 Item,1Succeeded, 0 Failed. Click Finish. We just finished giving permission to a user where he/she can manage the mailbox.
  5. Now login to your workstation using Bob King (admin) username. I have Bob King profile in MS Outlook, so I need to add Jane Queen (mailbox) profile. In Control Panel, click the Mail icon, click Add, type Jane Queen for the profile name, click OK. In Email Account, click Next, select Microsoft Exchange Server click Next. In Exchange Server settings, type your Exchange Server name (example: kingexchange01) and User name (we are using Jane Queen), click check name to see if mailbox exist in the Exchange Server. If recognized, the username will returned with underline. Click Next and Finish. This complete adding Jane Queen mailbox profile.
  6. Start Microsoft Outlook, select Jane Queen mailbox profile. You now accessing Jane Queen mailbox through Bob King workstation. 
  7. Create a PST file for your backup. In Outlook, click Tools, Options, Mail Setup tab, click Add. In New Outlook Data File, select Office Outlook Personal Folder file (.pst), click OK. Click Save in if you want to select where to save the file, type Filename, click OK, Close, then OK to go back to Microsoft Outlook. Check the PST file you just created, it should be on the left column.
  8. Now let's copy the Inbox messages to the PST file. Select Inbox folder, right-click to select Copy Inbox, scroll to select the PST file to copy, click OK. This will begin to copy messages from server to the PST file. It will take a while to complete depending the size of your inbox/messages. 
  9. If you want to copy another folders from your Mailbox to the PST file, for example Sent Item. Just follow the previous step, select the folder, copy to PST file, and so on.
  10. Finish.

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